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PawPaw Founders
We want to tell you a little bit more about ourselves and PawPaw. The idea for the store was imagined by Wanda, Ilya and Freddie, who wanted to share their expertise in finding the best dog products with their closest friends. Freddie the Weimaraner, at the time, being the sole bearer of his parent’s affection, was the reason for a constant search and exploration of the highest quality items and treats. “The knowledge must be shared” he thought, and with his easy stroke of a paw an image was born.
The nearest and dearest were called into action, this being Yury, Anna and Leya, to help with setting up what is now our lovely storage facility, office and a place where we pack all those wonderful products for our favorite customers. Leya, the big white Pyr, makes sure that every item is accounted for in every box. She’s the one in charge of the sniffing test. And with so much love and care for our furry friends, we want to give the same amount of devotion to our PawPaw community!
PawPaw Founders
In PawPaw we are all committed pet parents and we wanted to put this to good use. Since we put a lot of time and effort in choosing the best products for our pets, we decided to share this with a bigger community of like-minded people. We reached out across the world, to seek the most functional and practical, unique and eye-pleasing items for you. Each and every producer that we’ve chosen to be a part of our store is a staunch believer in quality and availability. Some of them have since become our good friends, with whom we share our vision and passion. We hope to continue to bring the best to your household, and to be your companion in finding the top-quality items for your family members. We’re so happy to welcome you into our growing family, and we hope to get to know you better as well!
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