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Immune Supplement Powder

Immune Supplement Powder

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This high-dose immune booster powder helps to strengthen the immune system of your dog. Developed by veterinarians, this herbal mixture helps strengthen the immune system and improve the over-all well-being in the long term. The medicinal plants are carefully selected and support the function of the body's immune defenses in a natural way. With this herbal mixture you will ensure optimal health for your dog. 
This product supports not only the immune system, but also the autonomic nervous system of your dog. The product can help reduce stress and improve the well-being of your four-legged friend. The medicinal plants are also helpful for coldsbladder infections and other ailments. Especially older dogs with reduced activity of the immune system can benefit from this herbal mixture.
  • Strengthens the defenses
  • Increases general well-being
  • Also supportive in diseases and reduced activity of the immune system in old age.
To counteract frequent colds and illnesses permanently, we recommend the regular integration of the powder in the diet of your four-legged friend.

The application is very simple! Mix the recommended amount of powder into the food once a day

Feeding recommendation

Weight up to 10 kg - 1 scoop (approx. 1 g) – 45 days

Weight 10 to 20 kg - 4 scoops (approx. 2 g) – 22 days

Weight 20 to 30 kg - 6 scoops (approx. 3 g) – 15 days

Weight 30 to 40 kg - 8 scoops (approx. 4 g) – 11 days

Weight over 40 kg - 10 scoops (approx. 5 g) – 9 days

‍* The suitability of this product has not been tested for animals under 12 months, pregnant or lactating animals. For use in such cases, please contact a veterinarian.


Composition: chamomile, cistus herb, barley grass, milk thistle seeds, spirulina, moringa leaves.

Analytical components: Crude protein 12,7 %; Crude fiber 17,3 %; Crude fat 2,1 %; Crude ash 7,2 %

How to store

Store in a cool dry place

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