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Sund Hundmat

Freeze-dried Lamb Medallions

Freeze-dried Lamb Medallions

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These amazing freeze-dried medallions from Sweden can be used both as a complete meal or as a treat. They have all the same benefits of fresh meat, i.e. everything your dog needs. They can be given as reward treats, for example during training, competition or when traveling, in whole or broken in smaller pieces. You can use them as a topper or flavor enhancer, sprinkled on top of your kibble of choice. Or they can be used as a complete meal during daily feeding, you just have to soak them in some water. Approx. 1,5 l per 4 medallions, soaked for about 10 minutes, and served with the remaining water. 

Unlike the manufacture of ordinary dry food, freeze-drying takes place without heat. Thus, all natural nutrients are retained in their natural form without being destroyed or degraded, and nothing needs to be added retrospectively. The food will be a little easier to dose, and is perfectly suited to small and medium-sized dogs or cats.


1 freeze-dried medallion corresponds to approx. 30g of fresh feed. Each bag contains approximately 15-17 medallions. The table applies to adult dogs (>12 months) - and corresponds to approx. 2% of body weight.

Dog breed example

Maltese – adult weight 2-3 kg – amount of food/day 1-2 medallions

Dachshund - adult weight 4-5 kg – amount of food/day 3-4 medallions

Pug - adult weight 6-7 kg – amount of food/day 4-5 medallions

Bichon Havanese - adult weight 8-9 kg – amount of food/day 5,5-6 medallions

Puppies, young dogs and pregnant dogs

The nutritional needs of puppies, young dogs and pregnant dogs differ from those of adult dogs in general. The need is met by consuming a larger amount of food. In principle, food intake doubles, so the amount of food per day usually corresponds to 4-6% of body weight. If freeze-dried food is given to the dog, the daily intake will decrease in weight because the product hardly contains any water. Puppies and young dogs should have their food spread over 2-3 occasions per day. They grow and therefore need food. Let the puppy eat its fill, but keep an eye on the weight. Pregnant dogs should have free access to food. Do not hesitate to contact a veterinarian if you are unsure or want help.

Adult dogs (over 12 months)

As a starting point, it is advisable to give the adult dog 2% of its body weight in fresh food per day. Giving the dog freeze-dried food reduces the daily allowance in weight because it hardly contains any water. However, larger dog breeds tend to need less food as a percentage than smaller dog breeds because their body surface area is smaller relative to their body volume. The need can thus vary between 1 - 3% of body weight per day, or 12 - 20% of body weight per week. Serve the food 1 - 2 times/day. Do not hesitate to contact a veterinarian if you are unsure or want help.


Lamb tripe (approx. 50%), meat (approx. 35%), cartilage (approx. 10%) and offal (approx. 5% – heart, liver, kidney).

Nutrition value:
Per 100 g: Energy 2512 kJ/604 kcal, Protein 34 g, Fat 58,5 g, Crude fiber 0,9 g, Ash 5,2 g, Calcium 1,4 g, Phosphorus 0,9 g.

Per packet (150 g): Energy 3768 kJ/906 kcal, Protein 51 g, Fat 87,8 g, Crude fiber 1,4 g, Ash 7,8 g, Calcium 2,1 g, Phosphorus 1,4g.

Per piece (approx. 8 g): Energy 201 kJ/48 kcal, Protein 2,7 g, Fat 4,7 g, Crude fiber 0,07 g, Ash 0,4 g, Calcium 0,1 g, Phosphorus 0,07g.

How to store

Store in a cool dry place

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